Miracle on Mt. Paka

Ok, I was told I needed to write this and post it. This happens all the time and I don’t think to post it. Miracles should be expected and be such a natural part of our lives. We shouldn’t be shocked if we pray and see something change. Instead, we should be shocked if it doesn’t happen. I expect to see healing when I pray for someone. I just don’t hope and wish for someone to be healed. I expect them to be healed! Isn’t that what the Bible tells us? So, anyway, here is what happened on Mt. Paka last week.
They told me there is someone sick over there and needs me. I got my first aid kit and went to see what I could do. When I got there, there was someone under a blanket, covered up completely from head to toe and I couldn’t see them. But, the blanket was shaking very violently! Actually, it was so violent, I was a little scared of what was under it. I even ask, “Who or what was under the blanket?” They told me it was a man. I asked if I could remove the blanket and see him. They said I could. I pulled the blanket and there was a young man, lying on the ground shaking very violently. I touched his forehead. He was burning up!!! I got my digital thermometer out and put it under his arm. It registered 103.6!! You add a degree if taken under the armpit, so his temp was 104.6. I just guessed he had malaria or typhoid or both. I didn’t have any medications for either. All I had was some Tylenol and gave him two and left him with several. I told everyone who was standing around him that we had to pray for healing right now and everyone lay hands on him and believe he is healed. I lead them in prayer, took authority over his sickness in Jesus’ name and cursed it and believed he is healed by the blood of Jesus! I knew that’s all I could do for him, we left him and I walked away. In 5-10 mins at the most, people started calling me. Mama! Mama!! Come and see! He is here!! I said who?? The young man is healed!! I turned around and here he comes walking toward me with a BIG smile on his face!! He tells me Jesus has healed me!!! I even know this young man. He is in his 20’s, but he was so sick that I didn’t even recognize him when we were praying for him! I touched his forehead and he was normal. We hugged and gave Jesus all the praise!!! Yes, Jesus still heals! Yes, I gave him 2 Tylenol, but you know it doesn’t work that fast and doesn’t cure. No, Jesus healed this man. Just a normal thing for me here in Kenya and it should be for you too, wherever you are.

Hurricane Joaquin!!! Go AWAY!

Can I backpack on the edges of a hurricane???  I’m asking for prayers to turn this hurricane or stop it! I’m supposed to begin my backpacking trip on Sunday, Oct. 4th at Clingman’s Dome in Gatlinburg, TN. I’m watching the weather channel right now. Unless it gets worse, I still believe I’m heading out. I drive on Saturday night and getting a hotel at half-way so I don’t have to drive so far on Sunday. The Smoky Mountains are getting drowned right now through Sunday. I am praying I don’t have to delay my trip. Please pray and speak to this hurricane!

Also, I have just ordered a cheap, 20 degree sleeping bag for $89.98 total. I have a 32 degree down bag now, but if down gets wet, it doesn’t keep you warm and I’m afraid it could get colder before the end of the trip in late October in the mountains. So, I ordered this synthetic 20 degree bag in case. If anyone would like to bless me with this bag, it would be greatly appreciated. It would be a way you could contribute to this trip and your gift is tax-deductible too. : )

Please continue to pray for me and follow me on this trip at: www.trailjournals.com/Butane

Thanks for your continued support and prayers,

Teresa June

Last day in Georgia

I am all pack up and about to head up to Tennessee today.  I will be staying with my long-time BFF, Janie Pedigo. She will be the one to drop me off at Newfound Gap on the Appalachian Trail. I will be backpacking 100+ miles to raise funds and bring awareness of the plight of Kenyan girls who are sold into childhood marriage and have to undergo female genital mutilation. The funds are to build a Girls Rescue Home in Suswa, Kenya. Please pray for me and prayerfully consider a donation towards building this rescue home. It will save lives of these precious girls. Please open your heart and donate towards this worthy cause. You can donate any amount on the gofundme link. All donations are tax deductible too.

Just to see me backpack 100+ miles in the wilderness ought to be worth something! lol

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June

PS:  Follow me on the trail. I will be blogging and posting pics. www.trailjournals.com/Butane

My direct link on Trail Journals

As you know by now, I am backpacking a section of the Appalachian Trail beginning Oct. 3rd 2015. You can follow me beginning now, as I am preparing for this adventure to bring awareness to the plight of the Kenyan Girls who are forced into Early Childhood Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation. I am currently raising funds to build a Girls Rescue Home that will house up to 50 girls.
I already have 3 post up. Go to:
www.trailjournals.com/Butane (Butane is my trail name and yes, there is a story). It will take you directly to my link. Follow me on this Journey of 100+ miles of wilderness alone, just like the Kenyan Girls who run away through the African Bush and praying for someone to rescue them. God sent me to Kenya to do the very thing. Let’s save some lives!
I’ll climb the mountains. You just push me!
Forever His servant and yours,
Teresa June

I’ve made the front page of the newspaper!

I’ve made the front page of The Spirit Newspaper out of Savannah, GA.
To read the full article written by Steve Prudhomme. Steve was my tour bus driver when I was in Savannah recently with Tracey Taylor Crane and Caitlin E. Crane. Caitlin tried out for American Idol and I took a tour. Steve asked where I was from. There is began. He said he wrote for the newspaper and wanted to write an article about me and my work in Kenya. Steve made me look really good! What do you think?
Thanks Steve!

See the article here: http://thespiritnewspaper.com/staying-on-the-go-outdoorsy-woman-brings-faith-hope-and-water-to-the-wilds-p8327-1.htm

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June

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Posho Mill for Chepungus

The Pokot people of Chepungus on Mt. Paka are greatly rejoicing over their fresh water source! Thank you to those of you who have given toward this life saving resource. I am continuing to assist the people on Mt. Paka become self sufficient by helping them progress.

We need to raise $2500 to purchase a posho mill. A posho mill is used to grind corn into flour with which they make Ugali, which is a staple food throughout Kenya. This mill will enable them to process the little corn they can grow. I currently transport bags of meal on a regular basis, this piece of equipment will go a long way in their progress and save ministry money in the long run, money we can put toward an irrigation system and building for school and church.

Here are 2 photos of me distributing food recently. Praise God for water! Now let’s get them sustainable food resources!

food_line1      food_line2

Help me raise $2500 for the Posho Mill, choose the amount you wish to contribute.



The funds for the mill have been raised but you can GIVE HERE to help with our next project.

You never know what God has planned!

It’s Sunday morning and I am going to walk to church. Last week I found out that a pastor friend of mine has opened a new church within walking distance from me. It’s a beautiful day and I need the exercise. But when time to leave, I feel I’m supposed to drive. Why?? So I drive not knowing why and was a little disappointed as I was looking forward to the walk. But, Holy Spirit is the boss. I get to church as praise and worship has just begun.  I try to slip in unnoticed or a much as the only white face in a full church of blacks can and sit on the back roll.  That only lasted until P&W was over.  The pastor called me up to sit on the front roll beside him. After announcements, he called me up to the pulpit and proceeded to tell the congregation how we met about 7 years ago and that very day was the day I said I’m coming back to Kenya to stay and be a missionary here. I had totally forgotten that. Then he said  that I had a message today and tell them about my mission work in Kenya. Well, I ended up preaching the Sunday service. Then gave a testimony about my coming to Kenya and what I am doing here. I told them about the bore-hole project on Mt. Paka. I told them I am going on Tuesday to take some clothes and shoes to pass out. They need clothes and shoes so badly! Big kids totally naked. I asked them to pray for me while I’m gone and pray for the pump that is coming from Denmark in a couple of weeks to get through customs without any problems. I prayed over some certain people that requested prayer. It was all good. Now, the young worship leader/youth pastor came up front with a story.  He said he had brought this bag with him today and didn’t understand why. He pointed to a very large bag over to the side of the church. He said, you see, it filled with clothes that someone had given me and I didn’t know what to do with it. He said he prayed and felt like he was supposed to bring it to church. Maybe one of the ladies would know. But now he knows he was supposed to bring it to give to me to take to the people on Mt. Paka!!  Now, I know why I had to drive the truck to church!  God really does have plans for us that we don’t know yet. We just have to trust Him when He speaks and obey even when it doesn’t make any sense at the time. Praise God! I have some more clothes to take with me to Mt. Paka!  So glad I listened too and drove my truck. It was a big heavy bag!  Please pray for me while I’m there for a couple of days with my Pokot family on Mt. Paka. And, consider becoming a monthly missions sponsor of Desert Rose Ministries. All gifts are tax deductible. I’ve lost some partners and need to replace them. You will be blessed by Reaching the Unreached and Touching the Untouched with the love of Jesus Christ!

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa-June <><


This in in the tribe where Desert Rose Ministires is wanting to build a Girls Safe House for these girls to run to. These girls need to be heard and helped!!
There are almost no one helping these girls, but Desert Rose Ministries wants to be one who is helping them. We are fund raising now for a safe house. Please partner with us with your donation to save these girls from a life of forced marriage and female genital mutilation.
Please share this and help me help these girls!  Please don’t delay with your giving. The sooner I get the funds the sooner we can build and save the girls.  I have been asked by the community leaders in Suswa, Maasai Land to please build a home and save the girls.  They have given Desert Rose Ministries  5 acres to build upon in a prime location right next to a school.

I have partnered with www.worthjust1.org and Caitlin Crane from Georgia who is leading in the fundraising campaign for Desert Rose Ministries Girls Safe House. Please visit worthjust1.org and click on the “Give” tab at the top of the page to donate and help us saved these girls.  You can also read about FGM here on this site. Just click on “Girls Rescue” tab.


Blessings from Kenya!

Forever His Servant and Yours,


I’m heading to Paka in the morning!!

I’m packing for Paka again. I can’t wait to go see my Pokot family! We are having a meeting with all the Chiefs, Elders of each community and anyone else who can come about the borehole and what is required from them. They are so excited that “Mama Paka” is coming home. I have been packing camping gear all day and getting my car in order.I can’t wait to use my new Orca hot pink cooler. Keeps cold for a week!! I’m so excited. We packed sandwiches and Cokes in it. It’s A LOT of work. I have to pack for 4 men. My driver, the pastor going with me, the Chief, and my self of course. None of them know how, or what they need or how to pack it, neither do the know what to do with the gear when they get up there with it either..Like taking care of 4 babies. All the food, tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags. chairs, flash lights, bug spray, all the water, dishes, soaps, towels, trash bags, I can go on and on!
Hard work! The Kenyans know nothing of camping, gear and packing.
Pray for us and me!
East Pokot…here I come!!

Packing for Paka again….I leave on Thursday.

Well, things are getting exciting around here. So here is the big news…..Well drilling will begin in November for the second borehole site. As you know the first site was dry. God sent the world’s most renowned hydro-geologists actually he is the Director of the US Geological Survey Services and I understand he also works for the University of Connecticut.  But in layman terms, Mr. John Lane is the Worlds Best. And, God sent him to my mission project on Mt. Paka to help me to find those people up there water. So, don’t tell me what God can’t do. He send me the world’s best for my little mission project. I know one thing…when He gets through, it won’t be little anymore! Praise God!  I have not yet personally met Mr. Lane as he was here in Kenya and I had gone home to the US for the holidays. But, I hear that he wants to be here for the drilling if he can. I am so excited to just be able to shake his hand and be able to thank him for what he has done in helping up find the water site to drill.  I leave this Thursday to go meet with the DC and Chief, Asst.Chief at the site and then I go up the Mt. to meet with all the Elders and I will spend the night on the mountain with the people there. Mama Paka is coming home. Please keep me in your prayers. There is so much red tape to get done before the drilling starts. I am just so excited it is almost time to drill again!! I will keep you informed of what going on. Stay tuned.

Forever His servant and yours,

Teresa June <><